Mossy Blue Envelope

Every Car, Truck, and SUV has a story

At the Mossy Auto Exchange, we do everything we can to make sure you know the whole story. Every vehicle comes with a Mossy Blue Envelope.

Inside the envelope you will find:

  • CARFAX Vehicle History Report: This report is regarded as one of the best sources for important information about a vehicle’s history.  The report goes back to the beginning of the vehicle’s history and provides a specific record based on information gathered from various databases.  The information comes from Department of Motor Vehicles, insurance companies, car rental companies, collision-repair shops, law enforcement agencies, auction houses, inspection stations, and dealerships. While the CARFAX report is a great source of information,  it may not tell the whole story.
  • Third-Party Inspection Report: To make sure we know everything possible, we contract an independent third party to inspect every pre-owned vehicle in our inventory. Anytime you buy a used car, make sure the seller provides a third-party inspection report.
  • Service Records: Shows all the work that our expert team of technicians did to prepare the vehicle for sale.

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